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Bridal Consultations 101: How to Find Your Dream Dress

Stacey Riggs

Hey Always & Forever Girls!

I want to take this opportunity to introduce myself! My name is Aubrey Sneed, and I am the writer for Always & Forever’s monthly blog posts! This month’s post is a very special one for me! We are going to be talking about what to expect during your bridal consultation and how you can take the steps to find the wedding dress of your dreams! As a wedding + formal wear blogger, former bridal consultant, and a new bride, I feel like I am somewhat of a wedding dress expert! (Wink, wink!) Picking out the perfect dress for one of the most important and most memorable days of your life can seem a little intimidating. But have no fear, ladies!  We are going to cover the Do's and Don'ts and everything in between!

First thing is first, you need to make an appointment! Always & Forever does take walk in guests, but making an appointment with a bridal consultant will guarantee you to have plenty of time and attention, making the experience that much more fun and beneficial!  

Making an appointment with Always & Forever is so easy! Head over to the Appointments tab at the top of the website and fill out the application, or call 479-646-1997 during business hours Monday - Saturday!

When making your appointment...

  • Let them know how many people will be tagging along with you. Depending on availability and the day of your appointment, there will be potential limit as to how many people you may bring along. I totally understand that you don't want anyone to feel left out on this big day, but the bigger the crowd the more chances of stress! You don't need that!
  • Make sure to mention any style numbers of dresses that you are loving when you make the appointment so the consultant can have an extra heads up of what you're looking for! If you have a Pinterest board with wedding dresses, feel free to mention it when making the appointment as well! This will help the consultant have a better understanding of your image right off the bat, and maybe allow her to go ahead and have some dresses pulled when you get there!  The more style inspo the better!


  • Your strapless bra, sticky bra, or any shape-wear you feel comfortable wearing! You might find that some of the dresses don't need any of them, but it never hurts to come prepared!
  • Your potential wedding shoes! If you have your shoes already picked for your big day make sure to bring them along! This will help you get a better idea for any potential alterations, or could be the determining factor if you'll need to special order your length! No idea what shoes you're wearing? No problem! Snagging a pair of heels from home will still give you an idea if need be!
  • Extra pictures of wedding dress inspiration! You will sit down with you consultant before you begin trying dresses on to go over the vision you have for your big day. This could be your colors, venue, and what your wedding party will be wearing! Pictures of dresses are a wonderful tool to make sure you and your consultant are on the same page!


  • Spray + Fake tanning for about a week before your appointment! The color can rub off on the dresses you try on, and that's not fun for anybody!
  • Wearing jewelry! You don't want to yank an earring out or risk snapping a thread! If you have jewelry or hair pieces that you want to try on with the dresses, your consultant would be more than happy to help get you dolled up! 

Don't Be Afraid To...

  • Talk it out! Your bridal consultant is going to be asking you a lot of questions! Things like, "What do you think about this neckline?" or "How do you feel about the full length sleeve as opposed to the quarter length ones from earlier?" Do not be afraid to speak your mind at the risk of sounding high maintenance or disappointing someone who tagged along. Your consultant wants to know exactly how you feel! What you like, dislike, or are unsure about. You being opinionated actually makes her job that much easier because she'll be able to quickly catch on to dress styles and features that you like or dislike! This means streamlining the process and finding your dream dress that much faster!
  • Try something new! Just because you walked into the appointment dead set on an A-Line silhouette and cap sleeve dress, doesn't mean you should be afraid to try on the strapless ballgown that your consultant suggests! Trust the process! This is the time to have fun and feel beautiful! If you're sifting through the dresses and a gown you never would have expected catches your eye, be willing to be bold and try that baby on! That could be your future dress! You don't want any regrets or what-ifs by the time you're slipping on that dream dress on your wedding day, so if you're even 10% interested in a dress let your consultant know-It never hurts to try it on!
  • Say no! This is your day, and when it's all said and done everyone wants a happy bride. Don't be afraid to say no to the expectations of those around you. Whether it be saying no to inviting the whole girl squad so you'll have a more intimate appointment, or saying no to uninvited opinions! At the end of the day, you being happy and feeling beautiful is the most important thing. This is your time. 

Do you have any other questions? The amazing bridal consultants at Always & Forever would love to talk to you and answer any questions you might have! Call or email today to make your appointment or to ask any questions! 

XO, Aubrey at Always & Forever

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