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Bridal Box: The experience of a lifetime


Now that prom is winding down, we can treat our brides even more! With Fall 2017 bridal gowns and bridesmaid dresses coming in, the National Bridal Sale Day event coming in July (more details here), and the easiness of Summer, we are more than ready to facilitate you in finding your dream dress! Before we get to a couple of those gorgeous dresses we've got in stock now, let us tell you a bit about our store, policies, and perks of being an #AlwaysForeverBride.

Our top priority is giving you and your crew the once-in-a-lifetime experience that you'll look back on and cherish.

Before the appointment:

  • Give us a call or shoot us an email to make an appointment. 

Reserving that spot will really allow our consultants to be readily available and focused on YOU, the bride. During the week, our times can be flexible, as will our allowance for guests. On Saturdays, our bridal lounge can fill up rather quickly, so be sure to keep your entourage to 5 people or less (that includes kiddos!) to be sure everyone can be seated comfortably. We know having all the ladies of your family there can make the experience more special to you, so just remember, everyone will have an opinion. You know your crew the best, and if you'd like to have more than 5 people at the appointment, and they can be available on a weekday, you are more than welcome to make an appointment during the week. If Saturday is the only time you and your entourage is available, we do have a separate space to accommodate with full access to all our beautiful gowns.

Helpful Hint: Make your entourage aware that, due to contracts with our designers, we do not allow photography of a dress until a payment is made on the dress. This is something we enforce to keep our designers and their beautiful dresses.

  • Get ready to try on those beauties! 

To get to know some of our dresses, we have a list of our designers (here). If you have a question of whether we have a specific dress in the store, give us a call with the style number ready, and we'll gladly look it up for you! We want to know what style you're looking for, so feel free to show us pictures on your phone, bring prints of styles you like, or even list details you love; we'll usually have something in mind already!

Keep your wedding date in mind when trying on dresses. Most of our dresses, we keep stocked in different sizes (not just sample sizes) so we can sell off the showroom floor for those with quick wedding dates. A few of our dresses, we don't sell the sample we have, so we'll have to place an order. Shipping dates change weekly, depending on the amount of orders the designers have coming in at the time. Also, keep in mind any additional alterations that may be needed to make your dress fit you like a glove. Since, we do not offer in-house alterations at this time, we offer a list of area seamstresses that we keep in our network. They're top-notch.

Helpful Hint: Ask to see some of each seamstresses work, ask about fees or charges, and let them see you in your dress to see how they'll be able to alter it. If you don't like what you hear, simply move on to another seamstress. This is the dress you'll be looking back at for years to come, so make sure everything is perfect! You want a seamstress who wants to make you look and feel the best. 

When trying the dresses on, it's easier to see what it'll look like for the big day. Wear any undergarments you may wear for the big day, bring a special headpiece if it's important to match to the dress, or bring the shoes (or any pair with the same heel height) with you to your appointment. This will make saying, "Yes!" that much easier!

As your consultant, we are here to answer any questions that are racking your brain. We are also here (this is important) to find you YOUR dress - no one else's. No one has the exact same style so, while we can make suggestions, you will make the ultimate decision, and we will follow your cues as to what you love and don't like so much. (If you secretly hate the dress your future sis-in-law picked out, just tell us when we get back to the fitting room.)

Speaking of fitting room, we won't need to help you into the dress, unless you require assistance. But, we will do all the work for you - zipping, lacing, adding a belt - we want to protect anything from damaging the dress. We want to keep this as stress-free as possible and you trying to reach behind your back to zip a dress is just all kinds of trouble no one wants to deal with! We leave a robe in the fitting room you can slip on if you need to in between rounds of dresses. We supply water bottles to you and your entourage, too!

Helpful Hint: Be sure to eat a full meal before trying on dresses. You can make it a girls' day out at a nice restaurant, or grab a protein-filled snack on the way! Not one bride can pick out their dress on an empty stomach. If you want to wait until you've said, "Yes!", or aren't from the area, we'd be happy to direct you to some of our favorites for an afternoon lunch. 

If you decide that ordering a dress through us is the best option, due to sizing or a different length or color option, and if your wedding date will allow, we will have someone available to measure your bust, waist, and hips, and recommend a size based off that designer's size chart. We won't measure you if you just like a dress, but we will measure if we're going to do an order at that time! 

At the end of the appointment, if you need time to think about your favorites, we will have those faves written down on a file we keep for brides who may want to come back and get that top choice. You're free to stop by the front register and make another appointment, too.

If you've found your gown with us, we have different payment options, including taking it right out the door, ordering a brand new dress, or putting your gown into layaway. Ask your consultant to expand on these options as the appointment goes on, or if you're deciding on saying, "Yes!"

  • Post-Appointment Bliss...

Once you become an #AlwaysForeverBride, there are several perks you get to enjoy! 1) If time will allow, you will get 10% off your order of bridesmaid dresses, 2) 10% off accessories, 3) $25 off wedding gown preservation, and 4) a (possibly free, or) discounted veil. And FINALLY, you can relax, because the hardest part is over! Celebrate! When you've got your dress in your hands, at home, get it to a seamstress for any last-minute (not too last-minute) alterations to get it looking perfect on you. Don't stress about losing anymore weight once it's altered - just maintain it! If you lose too much with too little time to fix the dress, it will be too big, and won't look perfect. Finalize those details for the Big Day, and get plenty of sleep. 

Our top priority is you, so whether you come in to find a dress or just need some accessories, we will be thrilled for the beautiful bride you will be!

Now on to some of our newest arrivals!

  • Mollie by Mori Lee

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  • Maris by Mori Lee

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We can even purchase and order a train that attaches to the back of the dress (pictures below).

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More arrivals and updates to come!